Our patients reviews

Dr. Malhotra has been my primary care physician since 1998 and is the best. Even though the practice has expanded a great deal over the past few years, you can still expect to receive extraordinary care. The staff is awesome.

Nancy W.

Very friendly an informative.

Betty B.

One of the brightest lights at Absolute Health Care is Christopher Dono, PA-C. This former University of South Florida assistant clinical professor should be encouraged to pursue a some field of surgery, thus putting those amazing hands to work. He already has a comprehensive knowledge of general medicine and his ability to communicate so effectively with patients gives him a decided advantage in building confidence. I had an appointment with Chris on the 19th of June during which a number of concerns were addressed. [Foot care, skin care and insomnia among them] His grasp of medications available today and their efficacy in real time conditions is impressive to say the least. I recommend Chris without reservation to anyone seeking sound medical advice combined with practical common sense.

Jeanette M M.

Good communication


I must say that I am very pleased with Dr Malhotra, Dr Gupta and staff. Front end personal are friendly and very helpful. Especially Lucas at check in. The office manager and her staff are great and always willing to help. No one is perfect and there may be some things that need tweaking. But over all I am very pleased

Roger E.

Dr. Gupta generates an atmosphere of warmth and professionalism from a sincere calling to the medical profession that immediately inspires genuine trust, and confidence. With his gentle sense of humour and great strength he addresses each concern with a keen eye combined with extraordinary empathy and understanding. His diagnostic acumen and knowledge of the most current and effective treatments is second to none. He is both holistic and integrative in his approach to medicine and he always offers lifestyle and nutritional advice in support of medical treatments. He recommended an electrotherapy treatment for me which has made all the difference in the world in my condition. For the first time since October of 2023 I am walking without a Rollator. Yes, with a cane, but soon thanks to his referral, I will abandon the Rollator and later – I am certain – even the cane. In Dr. Gupta I have found both a medical confidante and a very wise healer. I recommend him without reservation to anyone for any condition or concerns. The advice and counsel you will receive will be --- in my opinion --- unequaled.

Jeanette M.

I am so happy that I found this practice a year + ago. The Doctors and all the staff are professional, kind,compassionate and really do treat me like family. They return calls almost immediately and have never been too busy to see me when I am in need. I had a visit yesterday with Christopher Dono PA-C He quietly and calmly listened to my latest health issues and determined a care plan within a few minutes of discussing . I was able to walk out their door with hope of a better day. Again this is an amazing practice.

Vickie S.

Very nice Dr. Assistant Devyn Hale until you question her about a problem that she is not able to address. Instead of taking your advice she has an ego problem and will tell you to go somewhere else instead of saying I will set an appointment with you to see the doctor. Very simple task nothing hard about it but she will defy you in an instant. I have been waiting to see a real doctor for 6 months with her and she has failed every time to do just that. Not willing to work with you especially if you question her inexperience. I've been released from the hospital and she never bothered to check on the ERs documentation for over 10 days telling me that it's a hard thing to do. Baloney all the 5 Star reviews and not even one report like mine Shame ! Very inexperienced don't come to this office unless you see a Real Doctor.

Scott Jeffrey P.

Great doctor

Roxann P.

Suffering from painful foot neuropathy has made nail care a nightmare. Until today, and a visit with JoAnn Dunsmore at Absolute Health Care on Mariner Blvd in Spring Hill. Her knowledge, experience, expertise, professionalism combined with her gentle care made the experience so comfortable that I was amazed. Anyone with this condition should seek her out. She knows what she's doing and can discuss options with you that you may never have heard of. Recommend her unconditionally. Thank you JoAnn.

J M M.

Very friendly office staff, and informative provider. I left the office with an understanding of next steps and helpful tips to reach my goals.

Stephanie G.

I am very pleased with the healthcare i have recieved, and from the health providers I received them. I am very beyond pleased with what I accomplished with my weight loss program, and all of their help and information.

Deborah S.

Dr. Joanne was very helpful and the staff was wonderful. I’d recommend her to anyone

Carol C.

I have been treated by Mr Moises Tuckler, PA-C for almost 3 years now since he joined Absolute Health Care. Mr Tuckler has always been very professional, understanding and efficient, he is also very outgoing and a really nice person. My visit to him was great. He is certainly an asset to Absolute Health Care.

Jennifer F.

Vee and Christopher were friendly and honest with me when talking about the medication. They took their time answering all of my questions. The office was nice and clean. I would recommend them to all of my family and friends.

Angel C.

I love to go to office.Everyone treats me good. I love Dr Moises. Very attentive to my needs. Visit today was great

Luz R.

I left my appointment convinced that I had been heard and will receive the medical care I have been seeking.

Margaret P.


Kelly A.


George K.

first time there everybody was so nice

James M.

My first visit won't be may last, This is the first Doctor I experienced being able to talk to that didn't to all the talking. He listened and seem extremely interested in my personal problems and concerns. I would highly recommend to any of my friends and family. I have been looking for a PCP for awhile and I finally found the one that I am extremely happy with! Vee is the ribbon on the whole package. Thanks!

Janie P.

Seems to have genuine care about doing the right thing in a good job

David L.

I’ve had nothing but an excellent experience with Chris Chris. He’s an excellent PA and obviously cares about his patience.

Mark K.

I had a medical concern on a Saturday where I needed to speak to a doctor. I hesitated calling my PC because in the past, with previous PC doctors, I would leave a message and sometime in the next day or two they might call me back. I was shocked when a doctor actually answered the phone. Not only once but 3 or 4 times the same day.

John E.

He will listen and understand you health problem and go above and beyond to help you with you medical condition. The best.

Iris A.

Very thorough and kind.


What can you say when you arrive for an appointment early and are seen within minutes. Upon entering ABSOLUTE HEALTH CARE you are greeted warmly, and at least for me, by name. Check-in is a breeze and any needs or questions are resolved or taken care of before you see the doctor. YEP an actual doctor..... Though vitals are taken by a professional, you are seen by a doctor. No time limits. Your concerns, if any, are addressed and you receive a hands-on exam. That means that the doctor actually touches you, uses a stethoscope and other instruments to check your health rather than rely on a computer. Alternative medicine is suggested where appropriate and all patient concerns are addressed with your care and comfort in mind. As an OLD New Yorker, and being used to a certain quality of care, ABSOLUTE HEALTH CARE easily matches and actually exceeds what I have come to expect over the years. Caring and concerned staff, necessary facilities available without the need to run around and an overall feeling of welcome and comfort is what you feel and get from ABSOLUTE HEALTH CARE. The best part they take my insurance also... a win-win-win.


A smooth and simple process. Dr. Chris really cares about my health and is very thorough and informational. Wonderful experience.

Justin S.

I was extremely impressed by information given to me by moses. He takes his time and never rushes. He explains everything in detail until I understand it. Is definitely a keeper

Ola J.

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable made me feel very safe and comfortable...very excited to start my journey with them!!

Tiffany T.

Good Job keepingmyself together

Kenneth F.

tele conference about COVID

Constance S.

Mr. Moises Tuckler is phenomenal at what he does. He’s a great listener, compassionate, and makes time for his patients.

Gilbert M.

Thanks for being so kind and helpful i love y’all even when i feel terrible you take the time to make me smile

David B.

Moses is one of the most loving and caring doctors. He is thorough and knowledgeable and takes time to explain what’s going on.

Mirna G.

Chris is very professional and thorough. He listens to your concerns and always has a plan of action to improve your health and stay healthy. I highly recommend him.

Sarah C.

I was well informed on my condition

James F.

Very good

Paul D.

Moses was very helpful with my shoulder problems and helped with my discomfort. He prescribed meds that helped to relieve my pain. Gave me a way to live with my shoulder problems. Looking forward to my next appointment for more help and direction!

Richard N.

Just setting first appoinment

Rick V.

Great experience

Lance T.

I like the Staff, they are polite and try to make you comfortable whenever you go there, I would recommend whomever seek a Dr.to visit obsolete Healthcare.

Hubert W.

Excellent. I know Dr. M spent so much time with me that he got backed up. I promise in the future to try an not let that happen with all my issues. I will break my issues up into a number of appointments. I am sorry I put a kink in everyone’s day. Absolute Health Care Dr. M an staff are the best. I will recommend Absolute Health Care to everyone. Again Thank You all so very much.

Alfred F.

Dr. Malhotra was very attentive to my brother's concerns and addressed them. His bedside manners has surpassed our expectation.

Reginald N.

Absolutely! Everyone from check in to appointment to check out is amazing. The best run clinic I have ever experienced (68) years young. My PA, Doctors care about me, my health and celebrate my health success or look at other avenues to get me there!

Barbara O.

Had Covid feeling better

Dennis F.

Moises is fantastic and empowered me to take control of my weight loss. I recommend him to family and friends any chance I get!!!!! He’s a fantastic provider that listens, and is also a great cheerleader! It’s great having him in my corner!!!!

Jessica S.

You take the time to listen to all my concerns and over the years my health has improved greatly. I thank you so much for that.

Pamela R.

They where very nice and professional

Richard A.

I get great care every time I call or visit the office. Doctor Tuckler takes the time to explain things thoroughly so that you understand. I would recommend this facility to anyone

Lisa A.

I have had the privilege of being a patient of Dr Malhotra since 1998 and you would be hard pressed to find a more caring , kind and knowledgeable doctor. Even though the practice has grown immensely since Doctor opened his first small office, the doctors who have joined the practice are wonderful. Do your health a favor and become a patient if you are in need of medical care.

Nancy W.

El mejor muy profecional y motivador.

Magda P.

Professional Caring I would

Lauretta P.

Dr. Gupta is a Great Doctor and an Asset to the Practice

Donald P.

Always pleasant, knowledgeable and willing to explain and spend time with you. Looking forward to continuing with him through my weight release journey.

Brenda F.

Two years ago, Dr Malhotra and his Physician Support(Moises Tuckler urged me to get on board with a weight loss program. I said, “Don’t think so.” Forty years overweight; always some success at outset but long term failure. But my husband overruled me, thank God. July 22, 2021 - 214 lbs (actually a lower weight than usual) to 155 and holding. Loss took about 9 months (?). It’s almost 2 years later and I’m much smaller, healthy, smarter. I water fast when I’m feelin’ it; often eat once a day, eat almost no carbs. I’ve learned a lot about the toxic style of eating that has most of us eating all day long. In any case, Moises is smart, informed, ready to do the research and read the studies that promote the good health that can be almost everyone’s birthright. Do only moderate pleasurable excercise. Eat lots of good food that I enjoy, including full fat whatever, but with very few sweets. That’s the only thing I sometimes miss. Don’t miss the doom and gloom of the warnings about heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. ! Good job, Mr Tuckler!

Elaine N.

You can tell when someone knows what you need and makes you feel safe and comfortable and you can’t beat that

David B.

Everyone was very friendly and proffessional and very caring.

Hariann Z.

Very good Mosses was very professional and and attentive He talked to me about how to help me sleep better at night He is very good at his job I would recommend him

Geneva P.

Mr. Christopher Dono, PA-C was very professional and knowledgeable at Absolute Healthcare. Best of all there was no hour long wait and he was able to get me in last minute. I do recommend getting there 15 min before appointment to fill out initial paperwork. Overall I highly recommend for efficient and great service.

Lissette D.

Dr. Moises Tuckler over exceeded our expectations. He listened and was very thourough with my mama. We did not feel rushed at all. It was a very pleasant visit and with hopes on our next visit to have answers. My mama has dementia and after we left, she kept saying that she really liked him. Thats a bonus!!! So if she can remember how good he was , that tells you something! Highly recommend him.

Neida P.

Mr Dono took the time to explain how the medication worked, the possible side effects and addressed my concerns with the medication.

Holley T.

The staff were very professional, explained the procedure and made every effort to make me comfortable

Denise D.

Great experience with PA-C Dono. He’s very knowledgeable and you can tell he really cares. He also takes the time to answer all of your questions and doesn’t rush you through your appointment which I really appreciated.

Courtney P.

Dr Malhotra is one of the best!! His staff is truly amazing, kind, caring and accommodating. Dr Malhotra and his doctors on staff are truly amazing. They love what they do and are amazingly knowledgeable. I had a question about my leg, it was after hours, and Dr Malhotra called me to talk about it. Who does that these days?? I just love him. I would recommend Absolute Healthcare with confidence to anyone I know. They are all truly a blessing to the medical profession, and to the patients!! Can't say enough about them. Nothing but love for the Absolute Healthcare Dr's and staff. They are truly angels sent from above.

Melissa J.

Great with care

Bonnie H.

Had a great visit!

Michelle J.

Great experience! Highly recommend. Everyone at the office was extremely nice.

Beatriz R.


Paul M.

I love my P.A. Dr. TUCKLER. Dr. Tuckler always takes great care of me. He always makes himself available to me if I have a problem. Dr. TUCKLER IS A KIND AND UNDERSTANDING DR.

Theresa O.

I feel very fortunate to be a patient at Absolute Healthcare. I’m 68 and am lucky to have just a few minor health issues. Moses encourages my philosophy of concentrating on my health, more than what ails me. And he does all he can to help me enjoy my old age with minimal intervention. I am very grateful for the Absolute Healthcare team.

Vickie W.

Mr Moises Tickler is very caring and passionate about his job. He takes the time to listen to your aches and pain. And know exactly what you have. God bless him he's the best.

Sonali J.

Overall good but they misspelled my name on the blood test order.

Robert H.

This guy is a gem…! He’s very sweet and understanding. And he listens more than he speaks. I recommend him to everyone I know. Very intelligent. Sincerely, Dawn C. Love

Dawn L.

Doctor Tuckler is great! He understands my concerns.

David Z.

Everyone at the practice are very kind and caring. They’re always there to answer questions whenever needed.

Maria W.

Dr. Moises is an excellent physician.. He understands my arthritis disease and how to rebuild my immune system. He really spends quality time with you..

Mark H.

What a lovely Dr. I’m from Canada and can’t believe the amount of time he took on my first visit. He answered all my health questions, changed some medication where I was experiencing some side effects and generally seemed concerned about me. He also did a few procedures in his office that I would have had to wait months for specialists up north. What a difference between him and the healthcare I’m used to in Canada. Well worth the cost.

Sylvia H.

Practitioner is very thorough and empathetic and looks out for the good of his patient, while thoroughly explaining each decision and every step of the process. Blessings!

Shayna P.

It was good but my husband was not satisfied so we changed insurances.

Kathleen G.

The doctors and all the staff are amazing there. I highly recommend going there. They are very knowledgeable, patient, friendly,and caring to all your needs.

Misty F.

Dr. Tucker is very through and caring about your health. Office staff is very friendly as well.

Whitney K.

Very impressive, called, I thought I was going to get answering services, instead, I got a Doc, blew my mind

Nicholas P.

Thank you for going above and beyond for your patients. Would definitely recommend this practice.

Pia K.

Love going to see Moses and the staff at Absolute, aside from always making me feel welcomed and looking out for all my health needs, he helped me drop 50 lbs.. so I love that.

Shannon K.

Absolute Healthcare staff is very knowledgeable and thorough. I am happy they opened a Tampa location!

Melaina R.

Mr. Tucker handled my situation with ease and comfort, resolving my issues

Linda Z.

Friendly and thorough

Sharon C.

Always attentive and thorough

Patricia M.

Ilove love the service so much

Dorrett B.

He’s an awesome doctor and his staff are very accommodating. I recommend them to anyone who wants a great experience.

Dawn L.

Personalized care! Listens to concerns! No waiting. Great team.

Leela B.

Love this doctor. Very knowledgeable and office staff are the best !!

Dawn L.

The staff is very nice and they take time to talk to you about all that is going on with your health. Moses is very knowledgeable, and he cares about his patients.

Kristen S.

Very informative & sincere about my health. I will be back!!

Randell W.

Great experience!! Highly recommend.

Tammy J.

Chris is a remarkable PA. He’s very thorough and has an exceptional demeanor. Answers all questions and makes you at ease. Chris is a kind and intelligent young man!

John F.

He's a great PA and I trust him

Allen M.

Well what can I say I do not feel judged when I am at this office they are absolutely amazing they make me feel comfortable dr Dono is amazing…I can tell he cares about his patients u can really feel how altruistic he is and the staff is great as well…

Marangelee M.

He is articulate and conscientious. Hope to see him again.

Jeannette O.

Is very Thorough...

Ernest P.

Is very thorough...

Ernest P.

No issues just should take Aetna ppo plan which is better than my previous Aetna plan

Kimberly T.

Had a good but short visit with Dr Tucker, it was our first meeting and it went rather well for the first time and look forward to seeing him again in the future.

Randall C.

Friendly people

Frances W.

Easy, friendly, helpful staff and doctor.

Vickie W.

Staff and Doctors are very helpful and professional

Stephanie M.

An excellent medical practice

Richard N.


Lazara C.

Very Professional.

Constance S.

Personable and thorough service!

Pamela D.

To words, very thorough...

Ernest P.

All my doctors very much care about my body, mind and health! Takes time to have good relationships with your primary care physicians, theses professionals are worth putting your trust in. The really listen.

Barbara O.

Mr. Dono was very good at listening to me and determining what medication I needed. I would recommend him to anyone.

Horace C.

Very good PA, I'm very grateful. I would like to see him more at the Spring Hill office. Blessings.

Jorge M.

Very thorough

Joseph M.

First the staff was very professional and I was received well and very courtesy and they took all my information and got me in to see Dr Malhotra quickly and Dr Malhotra was very courteous and went over all my records with me and went over all my health care information with me and all my medications. I was very impressed with the office staff.

Randall C.

Moses is the best he explained everything

Jackielynn O.

Was very pleased with my visit. Mr. Dono was very helpful.

Carol R.

He’s excellent in everything he does. He knows how to treat people with respect and knows how to carry a very informative conversation with anyone.

Edgar D.

Dr. Moises is attentive, patient and knowledgeable knows how to explain things in a medical way that people can understand. He’s always happy and smiling which is very contagious and easy to talk to.

Naomi D.


Roxann P.

I felt 100% comfortable. Warm and welcoming environment! Excited to begin my journey to better health with Moises and his staff. Very thorough also.

Margaret Z.

Christopher was extremely helpful during my consultation. He took his time in explaining everything to me and was patient with all my questions as well as very knowledgeable when answering them. I was recommended through a friend, and I would definitely highly recommend to others myself.

Lauren G.

Always fast friendly and thorough

Mitchell D.

After having technical difficulties while in a virtual appointment. I was immediately call ed back by Mr. Tuckler on his personal cell phone. He profusely apologized for the glitch and expressed his sincere concern and compassion for my hanging in virtual space waiting room. Knowing how sick I was feeling, Mr Tuckler gave me such a thorough and unrushed over the phone consult. He called in medications which were immediately picked up and helped me get through this awful sinus head cold. I am very thankful for the thorough, listening staff at Dr Malhotra's practice.

Jeanne L.

I am a patient of Dr Chris Dono. He opened a new office in Tampa FL. Today was my first time at the new office. It was very clean and his staff was very nice. I live an hour away and it was very easy using Google map direction to arrive at his new office. I would recommend going to Dr Dono as a new patient. He is very caring listens to his patients and works with you to give you the proper care you need to live a good life.

Vickie D.

Very good. Love the one on one with Dr Moises. He really listens and I like that.

Luz R.

I came in and saw Chris due to severe stress at work, and he was able to talk about what was causing my issues as well as help find multiple avenues to assist. Highly Recommend

Joseph M.

I’m SOONTORN HIRONAKA I’m so grateful to find Doctors Molhotra and dr Moses they take good care of me every time I visited them they take their time to listen to me I’m looking forward to see them again in mid July Thank you

Soontorn H.

The doctor, the physicians assistant, and the medical assistant. We’re all very kind knowledgeable informative. Very clean facility. I’ve already referred two of my friends.

Ann Mari C.

I as always am very pleased with service, the staff I find warm and friendly I always enjoy my visit Thanks, Tom Govin

Thomas G.

Staff is very friendly and caring!

Lindsay O.

Was seen asap

Steven S.

He was able to see me the very day I called (I’m sure that was lucky on my part.) He is always so thorough even when pressed for time. Amazing what was accomplished in a short visit.

Diane W.

I’ve been going here for a year now. It’s always an enjoyable visit with a friendly staff! Mr. Tuckler is awesome and very knowledgeable.

Travis S.

Moises is the best

Karalynn C.

Such an informative, awesome experience!! I highly recommend and cannot wait to be back next week.

Jessica C.

I love the doctors personality and the time it took to ask me question what’s not in a hurry or a push any prescription down my throat as far as I’m concerned I will send my friends is away Mr. Ferrari

Luis F.

Dr Dono is on top Of the game. Very good

David F.


Judith F.

Great Dr's and friendly workers They are very pleasant and Caring people.

Bonnie H.

Mr. Moses Tuckler is a Godsend. He listens and responds according to my needs. I give him my highest recommendation.

Stevie S.

El mejor MD muy profecional explica todas las dudas te escucha Me Motiva a alcansar mis metas. Para mi es un 10

Magda P.

I always am treated with respect. Everyone is nice and caring.. I have a great Dr

Theresa O.

Friendly staff and great care

Cameron H.

I look forward to the meeting with Chris or Moses because of their knowledge & caring for their patients

Rocio P.

Respectful , knowledgeable, concern, Used precautionary methods to maintain the patient health and safety. Reviews and follow up pt. health needs.

Jaromer I.

Always a great appointment

Rose B.

I love the team at Absolute, they are very knowledgeable but the most important part is that they care a lot! I have recommended my mother to their facilities

Rocio P.

Moises Tickler cares so much about his patients. He listens to them and comes up with many strategies and solutions to help them.

Jennifer L.

You always exceed my expectations. All my needs are addressed. Thank you for everything.

Katherine V.

Chris is very knowledgeable and supportive!

Sally G.

Very personable and friendly.

Eric K.

Physician is very positive and supportive as well as staff. Kind, pleasant, wonderful experience

Shayna P.

Chris and his staff are wonderful! They are patient, caring, and take time to answer any questions

Bashar E.